Instagram Photos Download

We provide a simple way to allow you to save Instagram photos and videos online.For example: Just enter the URL of the picture and submit it, in which way you can get the pictures you want to be saved. You don't need to worry that the information of the picture may be leaked, our site promise not to save your picture.


How to Download Instagram Photos?

No matter in the PC , Mac or Phone ,you can download the Instagram pictures on our site. And the steps are as follows.You just need to copy the URL to the input box, and click the download button.

Then just Waiting for a moment, we will show you the picture you need.

If your browser version is the latest, you just need to click the picture directly to finish the download, or you need to move the mouse to the picture,and right-click, selecting the save picture or videos as .. option.


This site won't save any data, so don't worry. Wish you a happy life.